New Larger Chessboard Design

Oksana and Robert with the new larger chessboard

In a brief update to a finished project. The Touch Notational Chess Pieces were recently created on a larger format in 30mm diameter (White) and 30mm Square (Black) resting on magnetised board of smooth Acrylic Plastic white Squares, and slightly raised fine grained Wooden ones. Basically its a Sports model Chess Design with its touch design functioning with similar principles to Moon, although with fewer characters on a chess set, the contrast between the pieces could be higher, allowing something akin to the immediacy of Road Signs. Robert was teaching the basics of it to Oksana over the weekend with Myself at one of the lakeside tables at the Wire mill water ski club. Although Okasna seems to be a fast learner, replying with the Sicilian immediately after Robert Played E4. She is shown below in action as well as an additional photo of the set taken by Alan Bond in his Studio in Sussex. These larger working prototypes are 45cm x 45cm square in total and 3cm high, and More information can be found on Linked in as well as contacting myself direct.

Large chessboard design

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